Our Activities 



Vessel operations includes following business:

  • financial accountance
  • insurance
  • personnel  
  • communications with bankers, tax consultants,     trustees, advisory committee and partners


Superintendency department takes care for:

  • controlling and judging of vessel's and technical     components conditions
  • arrange necessary repairs and maintenance as well     as surveys by the classification company and their pre- and final     calculations
  • check and arrange for shipside requirements for     the delivery of necessary supplies and spare parts

Quality- /Safetymanagement(ISM / ISPS)

The International Safety Managament (ISM) code has been developed by theInternational Maritime Organisation (IMO) and was adopted on the 18th assemblyin November 1993 as IMO Resolution A.741 (18). With effect from 1st of July1996 the implementation of an ISM-system came into force for some types ofvessels.

For our vessels the regulations applied starting from 01st of July 2002.

The shipping company developed a structured anddocumented Safety Management System (SMS) based on the ISM Code in order tocontribute to the safety at sea and the maritime environmental protection, aswell as to reach and maintain a high standard of goods carriage.