MV Jonas / Technical Deatails

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main particulars
vessel type: mpp tween decker
IMO No.: 9222352
built: 2001 - China
flag: Antigua & Barbuda
call sign: V2OE5
class: GL + 100a5 e3 g
equipped for carriage of containers;
strengthened for heavy cargo;
equipped for carriage of dangerous cargoes;
deadweight/draft: 6.404mt / 6,375m ssw
length o.a. : 121,16m
beam: 18,20m
depth: 8,40m
int. gt/nt: 5.548/3.020
holds / hatches
nos. 2/2
holds type: boxed/ steel flooring
hatch cover type: MacGregor hydraulic folding + 3 pontoons
hatch dimensions: no.1: 12,50 x 10,50m
no.2: 71,50 x 13,90m
hold dimensions: no.1: 12,50 x 8,04 x 10,50m (narrowing fore)
no.2: 71,22 x 13,50 x 8,80m (narrowing aft)
cubic capacity: 9.836cbm / 347.561cbft
floor space: 2.023sqm under deck 1.116sqm on deck
hold ventilation: 6 airchanges per hour basis empty hold
fitted with smoke detectors and co²
strengths: tanktop 15,0mts/sqm
tweendeck 2,25mts/sqm
hatchcover 1,75mts/sqm
tween deck
hold no.2 is equipped with a full set of removable tween deck pontoons.
height lower deck: 3,60m
height upper deck: 4,90m
gear 2 x 120mts NMF cranes (port side mounted)
combinable upto 240mt without lifting beam
container intake (subject to trim / stability)
container capacity: 20' 40' + 20'
hold 177 54 + 68
deck 472 209 + 53
total 611 241 + 128
homogenous TEU intake (14ts): 299
homogenous TEU intake (20ts): 244
reefer plugs: 92
max stackload hold: 75/105mt per 20'/40' stack
max stackload deck: 60/70mt per 20'/40' stack
Distribution of container weights within a single 20'/40' stack on deck has always to comply with the board manual for stowage and lashing of containers. Container intake is always subject to vessel's stability/trim/permissible weights/cargo securing manual, canal- and/or river regulations and visibility. Vessel has no cells and is not fully fitted to load a full cargo of standard iso containers under and on deck with necessary loose lashings/fittings. Moreover lashing material is not in accordance with OSHA rules, i.e. no semi-automatic fittings. Lashing material is classified.
speed / consumption
service speed: about 12,5knots
consumption at sea: about 14,8mts IFO 380cst
+ 1,5mts gasoil if shaft generator off due to adverse weather
consumption at port: working about 3mts gasoil; idle about 1,5mts gasoil
speed and consumption are always basis good/smooth weather conditions, current free, up to max bft 2 /dss 2 basis vessels design ssw draft on even keel, clean bottom and max water temperature of 26° C. "about" to be considered 0,5mts and 0,5knots variation.
The Charterers shall supply fuels of the agreed specifications and grades. The fuels shall be of a stable and homogeneous nature and suitable for burning in the Vessel’s engines or auxiliaries and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, shall comply with ISO standard 8217:2010 or any subsequent amendments thereof and shall not contain waste lubricants, tar oil, inorganic acids, chemicals or any other harmful substances. In case ISO standard 8217:2010 are not available, Charterers are allowed to supply ISO standard 8217:2005 fuels.
The Charterers shall supply fuels of such specification and grades to permit the Vessel, at all times, to meet the maximum sulphur content requirements of any emission control zone (as stipulated in MARPOL Annex VI and/or zones regulated by regional and/or national authorities such as, but not limited to, the EU and the US Enviromental Protection Agency) when the Vessel is trading within that zone. The Charterers shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Owners in respect of any loss, liability, delay, fines, costs or expenses arising or resulting from the Charterers’ failure to comply with this clause
tank capacities
ballast water: about 2.454cbm
hfo: about 373cbm
gasoil: about 96,4cbm
fresh water: about 667,9cbm
main engine: MAK Type 9M32MC // 4320kW
generators: 2 x MAN Type D2842 LE301 470kW EACG
shaft generator: 700kW
bow thruster: 450kW
-all details and particulars are given in good faith but without guarantee-